Yes, clothing for your bed! Just like we dress our bodies with clothes, we dress our beds with comforters, duvet covers, shams and pillows. Putting together a great look for your bed is not much different than putting together a great looking outfit of clothing.

  • Ruffles & Pillows ~ I use this term a lot, but it’s so important to remember that less is more. It’s easy to over-do-it in decorating, so keep your bedding simple. It’s fine if you like a romantic look, but don’t go overboard with the ruffles. Perhaps have a ruffled trim on your shams, but mix in some tailored trims on the other pillows. As for all the extra throw pillows? If it takes you 5 minutes to undress your bed, you probably have too many. If you’d like to see some examples, there are a few in my Interiors Gallery of my website.
  • Hide the Box Spring! ~ If your comforter or duvet cover doesn’t fully cover your box spring (and you don’t have a bed skirt), the easiest fix is to cover it with a fitted sheet. Select a SOLID colored sheet that best matches your duvet cover. The idea is to make it blend in with the rest of the bedding and not be noticeable that your duvet cover is too short. This is a very common problem with ready-made bedding, and you would most likely need custom bedding to avoid it. That said, if you’re only missing the mark by a few inches, then consider adding a trim to the bottom edge of your cover!
  • It’s Affordable! ~ Though bedding can be costly because of the multiple pieces involved, it doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to outfit your bed. The discount stores have some great finds, and I think Target is always on the current edge of style. I’m a firm believer that great design doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all how you put it together!

Check back weekly for more decorating and home improvement tips, and until then remember …

Everyone deserves a home they love ~ Inside and Out!