Spring has arrived, and this means vast varieties of fresh flowers! Using fresh flowers in your home is a wonderful way of bringing the outdoors in, while adding color, fragrance and style to your home.

  • Simple vs. Elaborate ~ While there certainly are settings or occasions that call for elaborate displays, many times the most beautiful arrangements are the most simple in design. I recently designed this arrangement of lilacs and hydrangeas for an open house, and though it’s very simple in design, it’s still colorful and dramatic. I also find that arrangements of all one color (yet different species) can be quite stunning, and the detail of each flower becomes stronger because you’re not distracted by the various colors.
  • Keep it Proportionate ~ Consider the scale of the surrounding area when choosing an arrangement. Large open areas can handle a larger arrangement, whereas too small of an arrangement would become lost in the space. Also keep your arrangement proportionate to the container. Though this isn’t always the case, I usually use a rule of thirds. Make the height of your arrangement twice as tall as your container (the container is 1/3 of the height, and the arrangement 2/3).
  • Keep them Fresh ~ This depends on the species of flower, but generally you can stretch the life of the blooms by changing the water every 2 days and giving the stems a fresh cut so they can continue to absorb water. This is a good article on preserving your cut flowers, and offers valuable tips, as well as recipes for homemade flower foods. http://www.plantea.com/cutflowers.htm

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