Did you know the front of your home can speak volumes about you? We’ve all heard how first impressions can have a lasting impact, and the overall appearance when people arrive at your home can have exactly that. The term “curb appeal” implies the overall appeal of your home when people first approach it, and here are some simple ideas to maximize that appeal.

  • Landscaping ~ Are the lawn and plants trimmed and tidy? Are the planting beds free of weeds and debris? Are the sidewalks, driveway and curb areas swept clean? None of these improvements cost anything to do!
  • Exterior Paint ~ Is the paint faded, peeling or chipping? If you can’t afford to repaint the whole house, then touch up the areas that are looking tired, especially around the front porch.
  • Clutter ~ We all have it to one degree or another, so don’t go crazy try to rid yourself completely of items you may have stored around the exterior of your home. That said, keep them in the garage or behind the gates, and away from the view of the street. This also goes for unattractive autos that may be inoperative, and most definitely nothing with a tarp on it.  :-]
  • Front Porch ~ Have you considered that this will be the place your visitors will linger? While they’re waiting for you to answer the door, they’re passing the time by looking around. Are there cobwebs in the corners? Are there tears in the screen door? Is the paint and hardware on your door dirty? Are there flower pots with dead plants, or the dried up dirt from last year’s plant? A few flower pots or decorative accessories are very attractive and welcoming, but keep the clutter to a minimum on the front porch, especially if you don’t have much room to begin with.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and there are lots of other ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home’s exterior.  If you’re feeling like yours could use a boost, but are a bit stuck with where to begin, my Designer Download session is a great way to get you moving forward!

Design should be fun, not stressful!

~ Kathy