“I was renovating my parent’s home for sale last year. I had no experience working with contractors, but I did my homework (so I thought!) and began. It was a disaster, and not a cheap one. My real estate agent recommended Kathy, who came in and took charge immediately. She fixed what was fixable, brought in experienced contractors appropriate to the project’s scale and budget, personally managed their work on site, shopped for and purchased items from appliances to doorknobs, and kept the whole thing within my very tight budget.  All this on top of giving great design choices that combined good taste with a broad knowledge of what was possible and appropriate.  I was completely comfortable handing the reins over to Kathy, and couldn’t be happier with the result.” ~ Keith, San Jose

“I rarely do an indoor home project without consulting Kathy first. Her vision, ideas, creativity, and resourcefulness are invaluable, whether it’s helping pick out a piece of furniture or designing our outdoor living space. She manages every aspect of the project, stays within budget, and always exceeds our expectations. Plus, she’s fun to work with! Kathy recently designed the decor and flower arrangements for a 60-person party we had at our home … the result was pure elegance, and all I needed to do was enjoy it!!!” ~  Judy, Los Gatos

” … Kathy gave great decorating ideas and counsel.  I no longer feel paralyzed with inaction on what to do next to get the right look and feel — instead, I have a two page list of “to do’s” and have already acted on several!  When my husband got home, I walked through her ideas — he agreed and expanded on several (so she got us both thinking in the right direction).” ~ Kyla, Portola Valley

“Kathy was recommended to me by my real estate agent. I needed to completely repaint my whole condominium, and was looking for help. Kathy met with me, found out what colors I liked, and looked at the new floor I had put in. She worked up some color panels, we discussed the possibilities, and made decisions. I was still living in Pasadena, so Kathy supervised the contractor I hired, having him repaint areas that were not done correctly. She is professional, pleasant, and follows through on necessary items. I would not hesitate to use Kathy again and again.” ~  Stephanie, San Carlos

” … Kathy was a pleasure to work with, attentive to every detail, and brought an eye for quality balanced by budget and needs.  She easily managed different personalities and criteria, and kept the project on time and on budget.  She was also able to blend custom with ready-made, online and retail stores, to help us get the most value for our money, manage our time effectively, and allow us to be ‘hands on’ where seeing the quality first hand was important.   We loved working with her and highly recommend her!” ~ Tamara, San Jose

Kathy is a designer DIVA! All she needs to do is take a look at your room, office, home or retail space and she can tell you how to take what you have and make it OH SO much better.  She has a great technique for very gently walking with you through your space and letting you know what things you can do to TURN IT UP. She sees the little things – and she is so genuine about it. She is not a design snob, she is here to help you put your best foot forward and won’t recommend a bunch of expensive solutions. She will share with you how you can use your space, your current accessories and make them better.  She is fun, grounded, real, fun, and a really, really fun person to work with. (Did I say fun?)” ~ Chrystal, San Jose

… My husband and I have different opinions on how to decorate our office.  When Kathy came, her down to the earth approach impressed us. She asked lots of questions about how we each viewed our office. My husband wanted the office to look professional and I wanted it to be comfortable. Kathy worked with each of us and brought our differences closer to what we wanted for our office. Kathy’s fee is so reasonable and affordable that everyone should get her professional opinion.” ~ Vivian, Fremont

Kathy has an amazing eye for what will make a home stand out to the likings and style of the residents.  Kathy took on the modeling and decoration of my 5,000 sq. ft. French Country home. She had the largest influence in selecting all the materials and sub-contractors on a project that was close to 1 1/2 years from start to finish. When you are dealing with a custom construction, you need to have someone on the ball like Kathy, who is meticulous, organized, and can be counted on to finish the job within budget, and on plan. In my home, she chose an amazing color selection to authenticate the French Provencial style, making it homey and beautiful, even though it is large.” ~  George, Sonora