Can you afford to redecorate an entire room all at once?  If you’re like me, the answer is definitely no!  But, what you can do, is make small changes that will refresh your spaces and give you that lift you need ~ almost like you have a whole new room!

• Rearrange ~ Is the furniture in your rooms in the same arrangement it’s been in since you moved in?  I’ve rarely seen a room that could not be arranged in a different layout, and many times for the better.  Depending on your room and what’s currently in the space, you may need to eliminate some pieces to achieve this, but give it a try!

How about pulling your upholstered furnishings away from the walls?  The expected position for the sofa in the room pictured here would be against the wall, but by floating it in the room, it creates a definitive conversation area, as well as allowing for the perfect spot for the console.  Also, try twisting pieces into angled positions, which breaks away from the expected, and can ultimately make the room feel more spacious.

• Accessorize ~ Are your accessories stuck in a decorative rut?  The same things in the same place, sometimes for years on end?  Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit!  Change out the pillows on your sofa with something fun and fresh for summer.  Take everything off your mantle, buffet, hutch ~ whatever piece you have in your home that is a gathering place for decorative items.  Start with a clean canvas and do a completely new arrangement.  Scour the other rooms in your home for things you can move to a different room, and just seeing them in a new setting will instantly refresh them!

I hope you found these design tips helpful!  If you’re ready to refresh your rooms and are feeling a bit stuck, my Designer Download® is a great way to get started.  Every idea and resource I have tucked away in my brain is available for the asking!

Design should be fun, not stressful!

Kathy ~