The rain has passed, and sunshine is out in full force!  Spring is a perfect time of year to take inventory of your home’s condition, on both the interior and exterior.  The cold winter months tend to leave us cuddled by the fireplace, rather than earnestly keeping up with household chores.  So, take that new-found energy of spring, and do a little home maintenance!

  • Furnace Filters ~ Though filters should be checked more than once per year, it helps to use spring as a reminder for this basic maintenance.  Your furnace is the blower unit for both your heating AND your air conditioning, so change the filter often for maximum performance and energy efficiency.
  • Standing Water ~ The rainy season may not be completely over, but if you have open containers on your property that contain standing water, this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae.  Mosquito’s love stagnant water for laying their eggs, so get those empty flower pots dumped out (and think about conservation by using the water for your plants!).  If you have a bird bath or fountain, refresh the bath water on a weekly basis, and run your fountain 2-3 times per week.  Not only will you keep the mosquitoes away, but you’ll prevent green algae from forming as well.
  • Sprinkler Check ~ Make sure your sprinklers are watering your lawns and planting beds, but not the sidewalk!  Run your sprinkler system through a one-minute check on every station, making adjustments to the heads as necessary.  This is also a good time to ensure the timer is set for the appropriate schedule, based on the warmer weather and lack of rainfall.
  • Clear the Debris ~ I’m very certain that no one wants unwelcomed guests, meaning pests and rodents.  Extra clutter around the perimeter of your home is the perfect hiding place to escape the warmer temperatures, as well as overgrown areas of shrubs and weeds.  Get these areas cleaned and trimmed, and ultimately keep shrubs cut above ground level by at least six inches.  Massive areas of ivy are one of the worst for harboring rodents, and believe me, I know this from experience.  Keeping your yard cleared and trimmed will send them packing!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful!  If Spring has got you thinking about home improvement, or making the exterior of your home more inviting for summer entertaining, my Designer Download session is a great way to get the ideas and motivation you need to get you started!

Design should be fun, not stressful!

~ Kathy