Do you love any one color so much that you want to completely surround yourself in it? Then do it! It’s important to surround ourselves in spaces that make us feel good, and color can be a big part of that.  I love this purple living room from Real Simple, and think it’s so elegant, dramatic, chic, glamorous ~ stop me from going on!  My husband would NEVER go for this look, but if I lived alone …

A monochromatic color scheme is one in which a palette is used in varying shades of the same color. When done well, these rooms can have a unique richness about them, even if the color is beige! The key is the balance of several elements, and this living room has all of them.

  • Saturation of Color ~ If everything in this room were deep purple, it would be dark and overpowering. Use a blend of light-to-medium-to-deep shades to offset each other. The sofa, to the wallpaper, to the paint color shows this transition of color saturation.

Blend patterns for interest!

  • Blend Patterns ~ There are several patterns in this room, but each are quite subtle. I think this room could even have MORE patterns, perhaps with a little pop from an elegant floral on the sofa pillows. But, the key to this  combination of patterns is that none of them are overwhelming, which adds to the richness of this room. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns though, and stripes with florals is an especially great mix, as seen in this sofa.
  • Add Textures ~ There’s a lot of texture going on in this room, even though much of it is very subtle. Even the shape of the floor lamp adds texture! From the smooth surface of the chrome accessories to the carved mirror frame, it all adds dimension to the room.
  • Add BLING! ~ I think every room needs a little shine – something to catch the eye and give it a little pop, and this room has plenty of it! Could that silver side table be any more Hollywood Glam?  Imagine how this room would be bland without those little bits of shine here and there.

I hope you enjoyed reading about monochromatic design!  Choosing a combination of colors and patterns can be challenging, especially with the myriad of options available.  If you’re finding yourself a bit stuck, my Designer Download© session can help!  It’s one session, with lots of answers, at one affordable price.

Design should be fun, not stressful!

~ Kathy