I’m so happy fall is here!  It’s the beginning of my favorite seasons, and I love the cool weather, fires in the fireplace, cooking soups and stews, and of course, decorating for the holidays.  What other time of year gives us so many holidays to decorate for, in a span of just 3 months?!  That said, I don’t want to spend a lot of money for each individual holiday, but I DO want to see changes in my decor.  Here’s a few tips to get you on your way to decorating for every season, on a dime!

  • Reuse & Repurpose ~ Save money AND be green by using what you already have.  For example, I love to display pillar candles in clear glass vases.  For everyday use, I might have colored sand in the bottom, or some decorative stones.  How about swapping that out with this fun little mix of glass gems and acorns from Pier 1?  That will get you through November, then you can swap out again for Christmas with fresh cranberries, small ornaments, or baby pine cones for a country look.

These little rattan trees from Pier 1 can be used for multiple seasons as well.  For fall you might cluster a few of them with some tiny pumpkins and colorful berry sprigs arranged at the bottom, and maybe tuck in a few votive holders.  When Christmas comes along, change out the berry sprigs with some holly, the pumpkins with pine cones or colored ball ornaments, and you’re set!

  • Think Outside the Box ~ Is an apple just for eating? No, it’s a tealight holder! How about a pear placed on its side?  It’s so simple to carve out a little pocket in a variety of fruits or vegetables and place a little tealight in the top.  Mixed in among your other accessories, it can make a stunning display on your dining table.
  • Scour Your Landscape ~ I love doing displays on the fireplace mantle, down the center of a dining table, and on my front porch.  Sometimes I don’t need to go much farther than my yard (or my neighbors!) for inspiration.  My old neighbor had a fabulous magnolia tree in his front yard, and every Christmas I would (with his permission, of course), cut several stems to use in my displays.   Magnolia branches are wonderful because they can look very casual with pine cones, or very elegant with sparkly beads and ornaments.

Check back weekly for more home improvement and decorating tips!  If I can give you any assistance with your design and decorating needs, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  Many times a single consultation is all that’s needed to pull your project together!

Everyone deserves a home they love ~ Inside and Out!