Have you been on open house tours and seen beautifully decorated homes and thought, I want my house to look like this!?  Many of these homes are staged with furniture and accessories brought in by professional stagers or designers, but some are not.  What they all have in common though, is simple concepts that have been used to maximize their appeal, and not with the furnishings alone.  You can have your home looking attractive and inviting, and on a daily basis!

  • Clear the Clutter ~  This is the easiest thing you can do, and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Have you ever done the run-through before expecting guests?  Look at your home with that mind-set, and see what functional items can be put away, and display only the decorative ones.  Keep counter tops clear of the week’s mail, bedroom floors free of dirty clothes, and bathroom counters clear of toothpaste tubes and hair products.  If storage is an issue, then look for solutions from sources like Organize.com or other retailers.  Clearing the clutter will make your home a more calm and relaxing place to come home to!
  • Reduce the Furnishings ~  I see so many homes that simply have too much furniture.  Over-stuffing a house with furniture can greatly reduce the flow of your rooms, meaning there’s not a natural, easy progression as you move through the spaces.  Many of us have pieces we’ve acquired here and there over the years, and it’s tough to part with them.  But, if your house is feeling cramped for space, then maybe it’s time!  Walk through each room in your home and make an honest assessment of every piece of furniture, no matter how small it is.  Are you using it?  Perhaps you are, but is it really necessary?  If you removed it, would the room be more spacious and inviting?
  • And the Accessories ~  What applies to furniture, also applies to accessories, and then some!  Less is more ~ so reduce the number of accessories that clutter counter tops, dressers and hutches.  If you’re a collector, keep your displays concentrated in one area and make them a focal point.  Remember the rule of odd numbers when putting your displays together, and err on the side of conservative.  Groupings of more than 7 items can get busy and appear like a bunch of clutter, vs. an artistic display.

I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful, but if you find yourself needing further ideas, just let me know!  I’m happy to help, and my Designer Download© session is a great way to get the inspiration and resources you need to make your home a place you look forward to relaxing in.

Design should be fun, not stressful!

~ Kathy