This is it! One of the first impressions you give your guests when they approach your home is the front porch. A festive and inviting porch will make them want to come in for more! If you’re a regular reader of my blogs or Facebook Page, you know I’m big on maximizing impact with simple ideas that don’t break the bank.

  • Invest & Reuse ~ Of course, we all have our holiday décor that we store and bring out from year to year, but if storage space is at a premium in your house, try and have just one focal piece, then use fresh floral and other accessories to compliment them. I just loved these bronze, sparkly trees for my own front porch, but that’s the only accessory I reuse from year to year. They nest inside each other, so I (actually, my husband), only needs to find a spot in the attic for the largest one. I buy the fresh poinsettias and cedar garland every year, throw in a few candles, and I’m set!
  • Or, Don’t Reuse! ~ Don’t want to store anything besides a few strings of lights? Then visit your local garden center for fresh greens and plants. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the beauty of nature, and when you add in some lighting, you have a beautiful display. Cyclamen plants are readily available this time of year, and the contrast of blending red and white plants creates simple elegance. Or, blend red cyclamen with red poinsettias for a truly holiday look!
  • Frontgate NutcrackerLess is More ~ I’ve said this many times, but keeping it simple goes a long way toward elegance. Too many accessories on the porch (or anywhere for that matter), can give a cluttered, overdone appearance. Here, a few well-chosen decorations are mixed among the shrubbery, and this Nutcracker from Frontgate is a beautiful focal point!

I hope you’ve found these decorating tips helpful!  While the holidays should be filled with peace and fa la la, they can also be stressful.   If thoughts of decorating, decluttering, or where to sleep your guests has got your head spinning, a Designer Download® session with me can help!  It’s one-stop shopping for all the answers to all your questions.

Happy Holidays!

~ Kathy

Design should be fun, not stressful!