Is it a girl thing? No matter how much we love our home decor, we can become a bit bored from time to time. I love to swap around my accessories, often moving them to different rooms, or tapping into my hidden stash in the closet to bring out favorites that I haven’t see in a while. It’s like seeing old friends! There’s no better time than the change of seasons to bring a change of scene to your rooms!

  • Relieve Bedroom Boredom ~ One of my favorite seasonal swaps is with bedding. Duvet covers and shams can be very affordable, and since the bed is the focal point of most bedrooms, this will have major impact in your room. Try changing out your light summer cover for a fall inspired print. Or how about a richly colored velvet? That sounds cozy for winter! Or, if you have all white bedding, like I do, you can simply add a fall-inspired throw or coverlet, like the one shown here from Pottery Barn.
  • The Pop of Pillows ~ Another easy seasonal swap is with throw pillows. Your sofa can go from summer to fall in an instant! Though there are several sources to choose from, my favorite store is Pier 1. They have a vast selection of seasonal options, and the merchandise is constantly changing. Make an impact, and go for something bold for the fall, then bring in some glitz in December!
  • Accessorize, Accessorize ~ There are so many simple little changes you can make that will bring in the colors of the season. I love orchids, and normally buy white or brightly colored varieties in the warmer months. Those have recently been replaced by varieties in rich, fall colors, and it instantly gave a different feeling to my rooms. The same goes for changing out white candles with the colors and scents of fall, and take it one step further by changing the candle holders too. My clear glass votives and pillar holders have moved aside for pewter, bronze, and colored glasses in fall colors.

Check out last week’s blog for more ideas about bringing seasonal decorating into your home, on a dime! If I can give you any assistance with your design or decorating needs, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Many times a single consultation is all that’s needed to pull your ideas together!

Everyone deserves a home they love ~ Inside and Out!