Spring will officially be here next week, and summer isn’t far off either!  Is your patio ready for entertaining, or simply your own enjoyment?  When I think of accessorizing a home, it doesn’t stop at the front and back doors.  I like to continue it right on to the outside, and this is what makes a seamless transition from your home’s interior to exterior.  If you’re looking for some quick and affordable ways to jazz up your patio, here are a few ideas to make it feel more inviting.

  • Pop Some Color ~ Nothing freshens up a space like adding color!  The obvious choice for outdoor patios is with flowers, but another way to bring color to your space is with your patio furniture.  I always suggest a neutral palette on the furniture, but add a punch of color with pillows.  You can change them out for different seasons too, so by keeping the cushions neutral, they’ll go with your brightly colored summer pillows, or the richer tones of fall.
  • Lighten Things Up ~ With outdoor lights!  Strings of clear lights aren’t just for the holidays.  They add a warmth and glow that’s very conducive to summer evenings.  String them on a topiary, table umbrella, pergola, or around the ceiling perimeter of an enclosed patio, like I’ve done here.  I also added a floor lamp from Lamps Plus, and it’s an unexpected accent that makes this patio feel like another room.
  • Drape It ~  Fabric isn’t just for cushions and pillows!  If you have a covered or enclosed patio, adding draperies to the corners will add softness to the space, as well as bring more color and style.  They don’t have to be large enough to completely close, unless you want them to.  This patio has 3 sides (because it’s attached to the house), so we only needed 6 panels to achieve this look.  This extra accessory really makes this patio feel like an extension of the interior, and because it’s directly off the family room, it draws people right on out!
  • Accessorize ~ Don’t think of accessories as strictly interior elements.  Decorate your patio with candles, wall sconces, vases, whatever!  This candle arrangement was easily created with materials from Michaels, and for about $20.

I hope you found these patio decorating tips helpful!  If you find yourself needing further ideas or inspiration, just let me know!  My Designer Download session is a great way to get your projects started.

Design should be fun, not stressful!

~ Kathy