Are you apprehensive about the thought of painting your walls with some COLOR?  You’re not alone!  I consult with lots of clients that love the interiors they see in magazines, but then are reeling with the hundreds of color choices when they hit the paint store.  Will it be too bold?  Not the right shade?  Will my attempt at taupe end up looking like Clearasil?  Yikes!

I love color on the walls, and in every room of the house.  Many people think that the best backdrop for displaying artwork is a white wall, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  Color on the walls really richens whatever is against it, so if you want to make your interiors more elegant, rich or dramatic, then add some color!  Even the most subtle of colors can have a big impact.

Pretty bland with white walls!

I’ve lived in my house for 3 years, and was fortunate that the previous owners had put some nice, neutral colors throughout most of the home.  The kitchen, however, was DRAB.

I have a lovely kitchen, with maple cabinets and dark granite counter tops, and we added the oak flooring when we moved in.  But, it still lacked something to make it POP.  Well, sometimes you just gotta jump in and do it!  I decided that THIS was the weekend I was going to take my kitchen from drab to fab.  I only have three small wall areas, but it sure did make a big difference!  Because I have such limited wall space, I went with a strong color, and it didn’t overpower the room.  I’m in love with this color from Benjamin Moore, and it’s just what I’ve been envisioning for my kitchen.  Now I can’t wait to tackle more rooms in my house!

What a difference a little color makes!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this latest project, and please check out my other blog posts!  I get great satisfaction from helping other people with their design and decorating dilemmas, so feel free to throw your questions my way!

Until next time!

~ Kathy